Rik Jadrnicek
Skill Set



Current HTML5 Animation
Aquaponics Animation

First Aquaponic System. in 2010 ...
Aquaponic System

Research Databases
Advice for Researchers (stakeholders)
Completed a requirements analysis,
for a federated query system,
connecting Stanford, Harvard, Penn and Wisconsin University Sleep Centers.
(Some items available for review upon request and client approval)

Hybrid HD Video and Machinima
Sustainability in SL 
Sustainability Education in 3D worlds
(High Definition Video - need good bandwidth)

Virtual Rapid Prototyping of
Interactive / Animated Sustainability processes in 3D worlds
Wind Generator
Researching bi-lateral Dababase interaction with live 3D models
Currently working with low-poly sculptie modeling, displacement maps,
scripting, and UV texture mapping.
Looking for collaboration on developing 3D Sustainability Center

3D Modeling & Rendering
Bamboo Structure
Creating complex models for "attempts toward" photorealistic 3D
including database attributes for extraction

3D Prototype Specifications
Bamboo Sofa Interactive
(drag mouse over model)
Bamboo Shearwall

Working on enhanced GIS projects
placing data, overlays, & 3D models in Google Earth,
(fully interactive KML files available on request)
PDF of Honolulu Rail System
PDF of Image Overlays
PDF of Data Overlay

RE Development & Website Development
VIDEO of Image & 3D Model Overlays sent to Developer in Costa Rica
(need good bandwidth to view this)

The following link shows work on a Real Estate Development in Costa Rica
and also gives examples of Website development skills.
(All research, content, design, and development was done by me)

Guatuso Project
(click on Alto de Guatuso Project and click on objects)

Research Databases - Workflow
(ask for further detailed info MS/SQL, ASP implemented)
Recent Project
for Stanford University Sleep Research Center

Simple Cartoon Animations

Interactive 2D FLASH Animations
Snoring Prototype - Interactive (click on buttons)

FLASH Animations
(Wide Variety - Ask)

Calendar Back
Image Editing, Compositing, Layout, Color Correction

More ...

AutoCAD AEC Product Line
Co-creator of AutoCAD AEC Architectural Software

Magazine Articles
1984 Byte Article (as Contributing Editor for Byte Magazine)

3D Modeling
Sample 3D models created

Magazine Article
1989 On AEC CAD Animation

FLASH mail Campaign Interactive
Virtual Interactive Business Card

Email Campaign Interactive
Leads to functining EC Website

Simple Character Animation
RapGuy (used in Caprisun TV commerical)

3D Website Logo

 Website Logo

Non-Linear Flowcharting
AEC Workflow (many examples available 3D Tools  3D Market  etc)

Linear Flowcharts
Sustainable Energy Project

Linear Flowcharting
Internet Communications

Accident Reconstruction
Legal Animation (used in litigation)

FLASH Video Interactive Panoramas
Interactive Real Estate Brochure

Panoramic Image Stitching
(Ask about Stable pan/zoom of panoramic images used in video production)

Including Low polygon Interactive Environment Modeling

Photoshop Image Editing
Very Wide Variety (Ask)

Large format Printing with Ultra Chrome Archival Inks
on Canvas and Art Media (Ask)

Video Capturing and Editing - Web and DVD (Ask)

Archival Storage and Retrieval Work (Ask)

MS Project Timelines
(Extensively used for project management, Ask)

Excel Interactive Project Budget Projections
(Extensively used for project budgets and projections, Ask)

TV Commercial
Illiteracy early on 1990 3D animation, with James Coburn voice, Hewey Luis Harmonica