Database Design & Development


To:  Researchers needing to implement a research database

As a Researcher, you will most likely become a Stakeholder in the initiation of a database project to support your research.  This letter will link you to a roadmap that will help you identify what components should be taken into consideration.

Our combined experience of over 100 man-years with software and database development has led us to stress the importance of the following:

  • Understand ALL the elements it takes to implement a research database
  • Take the time, up front, to properly scope your particular project needs.
  • Cost out and budget your project scope, and staff it adequately.
  • Understand the database development cycle that will unfold in front of you.
  • Provide for proper QA, QC, backup, and archival of the data equity you create.

Whether you need guidance navigating this important upfront process, or require assistance from conception through completion, we have the knowledge to help you achieve your project goals.

Click on the following link to view a workflow roadmap that you can use to identify the elements of a research database and establish the scope of your project. We would be pleased to walk you and/or your staff through the process if you would find this helpful. .

Database Scoping Roadmap

Microflow is constantly working with state-of-the-art technology to automate features and decrease development costs, allowing Researchers to facilitate powerful and high-quality research database projects.

Respectful of your efforts,

Rik Jadrnicek